Payment & Refund

We accept the following payment methods:

When does the customer need to pay?

. According to different travel contracts, there is not the same time. 

Because each customer has a different travel itinerary, each customer has a favorite travel mode and means of transportation, each customer has his own travel time, each customer also comes from a different country, each customer arrives and leaves China The cities are also different, so we sign a different, completely individualized contract with each customer, in which we determine different payment times and payment methods.

If the customer abandons the trip for their own reasons, will you refund the full amount?

. We will refund unused funds to customers, used funds cannot be refunded.

In order to ensure the completion of the travel plan, after receiving funds from customers, we will pay different suppliers on the travel route as deposits, allowing them to reserve various travel resources for customers. Therefore, we cannot refund this part of the funds to customers, please understand.

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