China travel chartered car and guide service

Why choose LuttmeTravel?

.Help our customers quickly find excellent and experienced English-speaking tour guides and Spanish-speaking tour guides in China.

.We cooperate with official travel agencies all over China to recommend drivers who are familiar with local conditions and have rich experience in safe driving.

. All drivers are locals in tourist destinations and are very familiar with local conditions!

. Our recommended divers have more than 10 years of driving experience and the corresponding type of driver’s license.

.We can recommend tour guides or registered vehicles registered with Chinese tourism authorities, as well as locals who are particularly familiar with the travel destination. They will give you more knowledge.

Please read the following rules before ordering carefully!


1. Customers cannot ask our recommended drivers and tour guides to do anything that violates Chinese laws, and they can report to the Chinese police according to law.

2. We do not provide female guides to single male or all male groups of travelers.

3.  In order to ensure travel safety, if you encounter extreme weather, dangerous geographical conditions or sudden natural disasters during the tour, please be sure to follow the driver’s reasonable instructions.

Refund Policy

1. Full payment is required after the booking is confirmed, and we will reserve drivers, vehicles, and tour guides for customers.

2. If the customer pays the full amount in advance, but we have not prepared the promised vehicle and tour guide for the customer on the day of the reservation, we promise: in addition to refunding the full prepaid amount to the customer, we will also provide the customer with 2 times the full amount of compensation.

3.We will refund 100% of the full amount if the customer submits a cancellation request within 4 days before the reservation time.

4.If the customer submits a cancellation application 4 days to 2 days before the reservation time, we will only be able to refund 50% of the full refund.

5. If the customer submits a cancellation application 1 day before the reservation time, we will only refund 80% of the full refund.

6. If the customer cancels the application before departure on the day of the reservation time, we will not refund any amount.

7.If the drivers and tour guides we provide fail to meet the requirements we promised during the trip, or have poor service attitude, or deceive customers to shop, we will refund part of the customer’s expenses according to the situation.

8.If there are force majeure reasons, such as: natural disasters, extreme weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, unpredictable political events, etc., we will refund 100% to customers.


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