Express service from China to the rest of the world (on behalf of packaging)

Why choose LuttmeTravel?

. Save money, at least 40% lower than air freight prices!

. Save the trouble of carrying it with you, you can not only harvest valuable souvenirs, but also travel around China easily!

. Forget about packing and buying packing materials yourself, and just enjoy traveling and shopping.

. Enjoy door-to-door service, whether you are waiting for the package in China or after returning home, you are waiting for the courier to come to your hotel or at home.

. Worry-free compensation, if your goods are damaged or lost due to packaging problems, or before leaving China, we will fully compensate you.

Please read the following rules before ordering carefully!


Order Notice

1.  Customers’ products can be stored in our warehouse for free for 365 days, and charges will be charged for overdue periods.

2.  We provide free commodity inspection service and can take videos or pictures for customers.

3.  If customers want to transfer the products stored in our warehouse to other places in China, they need to pay the relevant fees first.

4.  The express postage from the place where the customer purchases the product to the location where our warehouse is located must be paid in advance by the customer.

5.  The following items cannot be mailed:

  • Chinese cultural relics
  • Guns and ammunition, lethal knives,or any other weapon
  • fresh food, perishable food
  • Live animals or their finished products under special protection in China
  • Other goods prohibited from export by the Chinese government

6. Customers need to pay the freight in advance, and we will ship immediately within 24 hours after we receive it, and provide the tracking number to the customer within 48 hours. When there is an abnormality in the package during transportation, we will help the customer to deal with it in time.

7. We will package and make express data in full accordance with the preset package information, recipient address and contact information, selected express service provider, and customs declaration data provided by the customer. Customers must provide accurate information.

Refund Policy

1. If the customer’s product is lost in our warehouse after it is received in our warehouse until it is shipped, we will fully compensate the customer.

2. If the product is damaged after the customer receives the goods due to packaging problems, we will compensate for the actual loss (the customer must notify us within 48 hours after receiving the goods, and provide the courier company’s certificate and the damaged packaging video as evidence)

3. If the customer’s package is lost during transportation, we will assist the customer to make a claim, but we will not be liable for any compensation.

4. Any duties or other charges imposed by the customs or government of the country where the customer is located shall be solely borne by the customer. If the package is abandoned or destroyed due to the customer’s refusal to pay, all losses shall be borne by the customer, and we shall not bear any responsibility.

5.  We will not be responsible for any loss, damage, detention or destruction of the package due to errors in the default package information, recipient address and contact information, selected courier service provider, and customs declaration data errors provided by the customer. , all losses shall be borne by the customer who provides the information.

6. If we do not make documents and pack according to the correct information such as the preset package information provided by the customer, the recipient’s address and contact information, the selected courier service provider, and customs declaration data, resulting in the package being lost, damaged, detained or destroyed by the customs, etc., We assume full liability for compensation.


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