Personalized Chinese Itinerary Design & Road Book Making


Why choose LuttmeTravel?

Save time, allowing to focus on other aspects of  the trip. Reduce stress and enjoy a smoother journey


“Never turn back,Only enjoy trip” is the basic principle of our travel itinerary design. For travelers entering and leaving the same city, we will give circular plans; for travelers entering and leaving different cities, we will give straight or curved plans.

.Provide three types of options at once: high-intensity travel, leisure travel, and vacation travel. And they can be modified once for free.

. Change the plan we designed once for free, 1 modification opportunity for each of the 3 types.



. Get reasonable, perfect, and experiential Chinese travel routes based on users’s needs and our rich experience, with our Expertise and Knowledge.

. Provide PDF documents, users can freely open them on their computer, phone, or iPad.

. Offer standard daily travel expense suggestions, including: transportation, tickets, hotels, meals, etc., to make your consumption worthwhile.

***If you choose us as your travel service provider during China  trip,  this fee will be fully refunded, and during your trip in China, we will continue to optimize and adjust the entire plan***

Please read the following rules before booking carefully!


Reservation Notice

1.  We provide three types of options at once: high-intensity travel, leisure travel, and vacation travel. Even if you only need one type of plan, our rates are still the same, no discounts.

2.  If you need more than 3 plans, you need to buy another one of this product.

3.  Information in the itinerary plan we provide may change due to the policy adjustments of the Chinese government and scenic spots. Before our customers go to China, they can ask us what important information has changed. *** This is free.      

4.  Our normal completion time is within 48-72 hours from the date of receipt of the confirmation email from the customer. If customers are in a hurry, they can choose our 18-hour express service, but need to pay an extra $10

5. In China, prostitution, gambling, and drug use are illegal, so we will not provide any information about these aspects.

6. We only provide a travel plan, and its specific implementation is carried out by the customer himself, so any violation of Chinese laws caused by the use of this plan by the customer has nothing to do with us.

7.  We do not provide any circuit design services involving China’s military secrets, business secrets, or any core national interests of China, and refuse to provide any relevant information.


Refund Policy

Cases of a full refund: (When the bellow situation occurs, we return the money paid by the customer within 24 hours.)
1. After we send the email of work confirmation notification to the customer, the customer expressly rejects our service by using Email or WhatApp or other communication methods.

2. After we send the work confirmation email to the customer, any contact method cannot reach the customer after more than 96 hours.

3.  After photographing our link, we did not inform us of the necessary travel information required for the design plan within 96 hours (it will not involve any customer’s personal privacy)

4.  Before confirming our work notification email, the customer offered to give up the service and demanded a full refund.


Case where no refund is possible:

1. After the customer confirms the work start notice sent by us by email, the customer would not be able to apply for a refund. please understand!



Proceed Booking

Personalized Chinese Itinerary Design & Road Book Making

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